Allied Bolt is ready to respond to any natural disaster!

Allied Bolt currently maintains stocking warehouses in Piscataway, New Jersey; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; and Corona, California.  Each warehouse is equipped with a backup generator service to ensure uninterrupted service regardless of power outages.  Allied Bolt does not charge customers premiums to ship during emergencies. All warehouses are open 24 hours a day during emergencies.

All Allied Bolt computer systems, emails, and phone services exist in the cloud. Allied Bolt’s cloud provider is equipped with a redundant, real-time backup system that stores data at multiple sites to prevent downtime occurring due to power loss in one region, state, or city.

Allied Bolt customer service representatives are available by cell phone and email at all times during an emergency. 

Please feel free to contact your representative to learn more about Allied Bolt’s emergency response plan.